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Winteringham Open Gardens, 2015

Open Gardens 2015 - 25022015

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Have you ever thought about opening your garden?
It's not as daunting as you might expect, and people who have done so in the past enjoy it so much that they continue to open each year.

Your garden does not have to be huge - some excellent small gardens attract large crowds. If you're interested in opening for the first time, contact us on 01724 734169 (Sandra) and we'll offer whatever help and advice that we can give.

Taking part in Open Gardens concentrates the mind if you have areas you are worried about and have no time to improve rope it off and hang up a note declaring it is under construction.  The most difficult year of opening is probably the first, when you have little idea of what's involved. To help you, here are some Questions and Answers from people who have opened their gardens before.


Q. Will my garden get damaged?                                                                                               A. Apart from a slightly 'squashed' effect to the lawn, and perhaps a couple of buds broken off, no one would guess that people had wandered about the garden. Visitors are generous with their praise and some awe-struck at the effort we have to put in.

Q. Do you need a large and practically perfect garden before you consider opening it to the public?
A. No. People like to see what we've done with our garden each season and how we've developed it over the years. They commiserate with us over our 'hopeless' areas, (too shady, too dry) and don't mind looking at our compost heap or the flowering nettles under the trees; other people are looking for ideas, as well as being able to comment on the fruits of our labour.

Q. Do you need to be an expert gardener?                                                                             A. Again, no. We originally knew nothing about gardening beyond common sense: you learn as you go along.

Q. Will you continue to open the garden?                                                                              A. Of course. Our pride in it, and other people's pleasure in it, is reward enough. We even get the chance to sit in it occasionally.

Q. Is the weather a problem?                                                                                                  A. Not really, if last year's experience is anything to go by. As for the weather during the weekend itself, visitors provide their own consolation. If it's hot, there is plenty of shade under the trees. If it's cool, it's perfect weather for walking round the village. And if it rains ... well, gardens need water, and anyway, there is always next year.

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The Village Hall is a great venue for hosting a variety of functions, such as birthdays, wedding receptions and christenings.


The Hall is also a meeting place for various groups.


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Session Information:


9am to 1 pm


1 pm to 6 pm


6pm to 10 pm


Large Hall and Small Hall

Licensed Bar (see photo below)


Disabled Facilities

Car Parking


Booth Nooking Hall (Large Hall): Max seating 80

Daytime and evening


21.00   from 1/5/2015

Hourly rate - daytime


8.00   from 1/5/2015



11.00   from 1/5/2015

Tom Thrush (Small Hall): Max seating 40

Daytime and evening


17.00   from 1/5/2015

Hourly rate - daytime


8.00   from 1/5/2015



11.00   from 1/5/2015

Whole Building

Any Session


45.00   from 1/5/2015

All Day & Evening


110.00   from 1/5/2015


VH Bar - 800w

The Village Hall Bar


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